Aircraft Maintenance Equipment

Maintenance Platform

SPX32 Diesel or Electric Drive LIFT-A-LOFT CORPORATION specializes in designing, engineering and customizing aerial lifts. We have devoted our resources and years of experience toward producing, selling, and supporting the safest, most reliable, and versatile aerial lifts in the industry today. Our products include Aerial Work Platforms, Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for the Airline Industry, […]

Fishpole Hoist Kit

Didsbury hoists have been in use in the aviation industry for over 70 years Specified by Airbus, Boeing, Dassault, Fokker, Embraer, Sukhoi and many other aircraft manufacturers. They are routinely used across the world on the vast majority of assembly lines and in most MROs and airline maintenance hangars. Didsbury hoists have become the standard demanded by […]

Airframe & Engine Tooling

Rolls & Royce , Boeing We understand and accompany every tool throughout its life cycle, supporting it to perfection from cradle to grave. Every tool has a life, and we create, manage and support this life. Our well-known design capabilities, global supply chain presence, and project management experience in supporting OEMs from requirement capture to […]

Hydraulic Test Stand

Narrow / Wide Body / Military Aircrafts Maintenance and revision check systems, filling and draining aircraft reservoir & flushing of the hydraulic system Aircraft 3000 and 5000 PSI System Hycom has a unique selection of 5000 Psi hydraulic ground support equipment (HGPU). It is designed to support your fleet of next generation wide body 5000 […]

Axle Jacks

  Our wide range of innovative axle-jacks covers all of today’s commercial and military aircraft. The consistent modularity allows them to be configured to your specific requirements. Safety and “Made in Germany” quality have the highest priority. That’s why our axle-jacks, regardless of the capacity, are designed for outstanding robustness. Every product is tested with […]

Tripod Jacks

Our tripod-jacks facilitate highly cost-effective and efficient maintenance of your aircraft. The consistent modularity allows them to be configured according to your specific requirements. Various configuration options, from the basic to the high-end versions, are available. As an option in combination with our central Electronic Jacking And Levelling control system (EJAL). The portfolio includes tripod-jacks […]

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