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Ground Support Equipment

Aircraft Towing Tractors

Aircraft Towing Tractors

Narrow Body Aircraft A320 / B737
  • With fully automatic transmission in combination with four-wheel drive and four-wheel steer, the Schopf F70 has a drawbar pull of 70 kN. That makes this tractor ideal for handling aircraft like the Airbus A320 or Boeing 737
Narrow Body Aircraft A320 / B737
Wide Body Aircrafts to A380
  • The F396 tow tractor is our best-selling tractor and a heavy-weight champion. With a combination of four-wheel drive and four-wheel steer, it is ideal for handling all types of wide-body aircraft. The fully automatic transmission ensures smooth continuous delivery of enormous power. That is the key to safe and effortless working on the apron.

Aircraft Towbarless Tractors

Wide Body Aircrafts to A380
  • The towbarless AST-1X series of aircraft tractors sets new standards in moving wide-bodied jets reliably, quickly and safely on the ground. Today’s AST-1X offers fast and efficient handling and long-distance towing of all current aircraft in the 400 t to 600 t MTOW range, from the A300 / B767 right through to the A380 / B747-8. For push-back, gate-to-gate and distance towing, the AST-1X satisfies all expectations with its permanent hydrostatic 4-wheel drive and innovative solutions.
Most common aircraft fleet operation from B737 to B777-300ER
  • The AST-2 of the fourth generation is based on a completely new, compact and modular vehicle design, with a hydrostatically powered steering drive axle for maximum traction even under low loads. The extended range of compatible aircraft, from the Embraer 170-195 to the B777-300ER, is another reason for choosing the latest generation AST-2.


  • Compact dimensions, maximum maneuverability, highest traction and a powerful drivetrain are the main features of the newly engineered modular baggage and cargo tow tractor family »SHERPA«. Customize your own baggage and cargo tow tractor fleet: With weights from 4 t to 8 t, three diesel engine options and three different cabin versions, the »SHERPA« D is a powerful and reliable support. Built with driver comfort and safety in mind, this new line of tow tractors combines modular design with extremely robust components for optimal performance. Sophisticated services top off the vehicle concept.


  • This brand-new, fully electric baggage and cargo tow tractor comes with the same high levels of comfort, safety and flexibility as our »SHERPA« D models. Additionally, thanks to its highly efficient, low maintenance 400 V lithium-ion battery, less time is needed for charging and it is significantly more efficient (over 30%) than a lead acid battery. It guarantees 60-80% energy savings compared to similar diesel-powered vehicles and thus allows multi shift operations. The emission free »SHERPA« E can be operated both inside and outside of buildings and does not require a dedicated charging infrastructure. The low maintenance vehicle is topped off with an elaborate service concept


  • The VOLK HFZ 30 NT is a hybrid tractor, which has been designed specifically for the requirements of baggage handling. The patented modular design facilitates easy maintenance and ensures minimum downtimes. Low fuel consumption is achieved due to the modern serial hybrid drive system. – An important step towards the reduction of CO2 emissions on the apron.


  • Our standard tow-bars are available for aircraft towing and pushback operations of civil or military aircraft. We design our tow-bars in accordance with the requirements from aircraft manufacturers and the applicable norms and standards.


  • The universal tow-bars are specially designed to suit multiple aircraft types. The universal tow-bar is fully equipped with multi-purpose tow-head, tow-eye and undercarriage.

Let's get started! When turbines drive turbines!

  • Rheinmetall manufactures Air Start Units for commercial and military purposes. The task to be performed is to start all main engines of today's and tomorrows generation of aircraft up to the most demanding B777-300ER and A380. The MSU has proven its reliability since 1996.

Main Technical Data*

  • Bleed Air Output 204 / 408 ppm (1.54 / 3.08 kg/s)
  • Bleed pressure 56 psia (3,86 bar abs.)
  • Fuel: Diesel or Jet fuel * at 15°C ambient temperature, sea level
ITW GSE 4400 Diesel GPU 90 KVA 400 HZ
  • The 4400 series is now available with a Cummins Tier 3 or Tier 4 engine so that no matter where you are located, we have a 400 Hz mobile driven GPU to meet your needs.
ITW GSE 7400 eGPU 90 KVA 400 HZ
  • The ITW GSE 7400 eGPU is set to change how airports think about ground power without making compromises. It is independent due to the onboard battery packs and can easily be transported to wherever it is needed. The flexibility of the 7400 eGPU provides the same outstanding, well-proven features as other ITW GSE solid-state GPUs, including accurate and clean output voltage at the aircraft plug, and individual phase regulation of each output phase. It can perform multiple turnarounds before it needs recharging, and can be recharged from any standard 50/60Hz socket.
ITW GSE 6400 JetEx 8 28 VDC
  • The 6400 JetEx® 8 mobile diesel-driven 28VDC GPU offers the same quality and reliability that JetEx® owners have become accustomed to. The low profile design, combined with our rugged 5th wheel steering, provides superior visibility and maneuverability in today’s congested ramp areas.
ITW GSE 140CU20 & 180CU20
  • EPA Tier 3 / Carb Tier 3 / EU Stage IIIA
  • 140-180-kVA-GPU

28.5 VDC Digital Load Banks

  • Simple operation suitable for non-trained operators
  • Silent operations <70 dB(A) at the distance of 7m / 23Ft
  • Suitable for workshop and/or airside operation
  • Environmental operating temperature from -20 oC to 55 oC / -4 oF to 122 oF
  • Transport casing with pull up handle as standard for each load bank
  • Triple thermal protection - extremely resistant to high temperature
  • Cant protection - load bank works only in horizontal position
  • Phase detection - load bank works only if all ABC phases are available
  • Phase rotation indicator - phase sequence of three-phase voltages
  • Fine regulation as standard for all Digital and Analogue 28.5 V DC load banks
  • Free DEKAL software application included
  • All measurements possible to archive or printout
  • Aluminum housing and non-corrosive parts
  • High component quality control by manufacturer
  • High reliability - effective standardization process
  • Cable pin jacks - unique user friendly safety feature for external voltage test
  • Spare parts availability and accurate on-time deliveries
  • Short worldwide delivery period with tracking feature
  • 2 years full warranty with extension option for all DEKAL load banks
  • CE certification - health, safety, and environmental protection standards
  • Standards & requirements according to ISO 6858, DFS 400, ARP 5015
  • Classification CE marking, DIN, VDE, IEC, IP 21 protection rate level
  • amp communications at today’s busy airports can be difficult at best, with the engine noise from all types of service vehicles and the roar of jet engines making it difficult for ground crews to communicate with one another. David Clark Headset Communication systems enhance communications and provide hearing protection from ambient noise for ground personnel, resulting in more efficient ramp operations that contribute to faster turnaround times at the gate and promote the safety of ground crews and passengers.

Wire System

  • H3310 headset 30 inch cord + extension cord 26 feet #C31-26
  • H3312 Headset 25 feet cord

Wireless System

Headsets + Gateway + Belt Station http://www.davidclarkcompany.com/airline/pushback.php

OSPREY - State of the Art

  • Using ultra high-pressure water and ‘state of the art’ computer control technology the OSPREY system is a self-contained truck mounted unit that requires no support vehicles and no disassembly to enable movement on the road.
  • It is able to continuously remove rubber deposits whilst recovering all water and debris from the runway surface and can operate for over 4 hours on a single fill of water.
  • The OSPREY removes rubber over a 2000mm path at an optimum speed of 600 linear metres per hour (1200 square metres per hour). Advances in our jet head, nozzle and control system design mean that these rates are increasing all the time.
  • This relatively slow forward speed ensures that the operator is able to maintain a minimal linear overlap. Some systems that move forward at a faster rate place huge strains on the operator trying to ensure that the overlap remains constant and that there are no areas missed.
  • Another advantage of our optimum speed is the assured full recovery of debris and waste. Effective removal is only the first stage of the process. The rubber must be collected to ensure that it is not re-deposited.