Helicopter Search & Rescue

Rescue Hoist
  • Helicopters carry out the most demanding missions in some of the most extreme operating environments; we understand this, and design our products as well as support systems to anticipate customer needs, enhance aircrew safety, and provide operational cost benefits. Our systems become a force multiplier for military and commercial operators alike.
  • Advanced rescue hoists and cargo winches help save lives during disaster relief efforts and rescue missions around the world. Field-proven hoist and winch technologies from SIS are used by U.S. and foreign militaries and coast guards as well as police forces, firefighters, medical evacuation crews, and private operators around the world.
  • As the only producer of both traditional level wind and more advanced translating drum cable management systems, SIS offers a variety of solutions for operations in high-demand, unpredictable or extreme environment conditions. The business also innovates in dual-hoist systems, increasing readiness for search-and-rescue teams.
  • Pegasus® Rescue Hoist
  • Retrofittable to all 42325, 44301, 44311 and 44316 rescue hoists
  • Pegasus® is the next generation of rescue hoist, advancing our traditions of mission reliability and innovative technology through its transformative design. Durable components, modular architecture and new features — such as the DASH™ (Data Acquisition Sensing and Health) system — mean the Pegasus® is ready to help ensure your missions are completed faster, safer and more efficiently.
RHGSE Zephyr has developed a patented method of maintaining the rescue hoist and its cable as required by the hoist OEMs without having to fly the helicopter, in a safe and efficient manner.   The Zephyr Rescue Hoist Ground Support Equipment (RHGSE) was introduced in 2005.  The RHGSE provides the capabilities of protecting, tensioning, cleaning, drying, and lubricating the rescue hoist cable as required by the hoist OEMs after each mission and/or at hoist and cable maintenance times, without having to fly the helicopter. In addition, along with the RHGSE, Zephyr developed a method of  inspecting  the rescue hoist cable with the introduction of the Zephyr Rescue Hoist Magnetic Inspection System, (MagSens™) in 2005.  The MagSens system provides the rescue hoist maintainer the capability to measure and record locations of defects/indications, both internally and externally,  in the rescue hoist cable and provides a permanent record of the inspection results in a matter of minutes. http://zephyrintl.com/products/rescue-hoist-ground-support-equipment/
AxelCut:  The Right Tool for the Job Why you need an AxelCut:    Airborne hoist rescues rarely happen on calm seas or nice days. If the hoist cable gets caught in a ship’s rigging, trees, rocks, railings or worse yet around the rescuer’s neck, the cable needs to be cut quickly. The existing two-handed cable cutters are too slow, ineffective, and not designed for this purpose. The hoist installed cable cutter will cut the cable inside the hoist thus ending any chance of continuing the life-saving mission.   The AxelCut is unaffected by EMI, lightning, or any other possible hoist system failures and is designed for low cost and a long life.There are no explosive charges or shelf life issues, no ITAR issues, and it can cut the cable repeatedly.  The AxelCut can also save significant down time if the cable must be cut; because if the ballistic hoist mounted cable cutter is used the hoist system will have to be rebuilt, and the cartridge will have to be replaced. QuickSplice:  Allows the SAR Mission to be Completed! Why you need a QuickSplice:  If the wire rope breaks or becomes entangled and must be cut, the QuickSplice can replace the rescue hook, in circumstances where there are no other options available.  The QuickSplice provides a fast and safe method of attaching a rescue hook when all else fails allowing the mission to be completed! The QuickSplice has been tested to hold loads up to 2500lbs. http://zephyrintl.com/products/e-bag/
Lite Flites QRB is designed with the ability to open under tension up to 150 kg. This is a very important safety feature. When designing the QRB we always focused on the safety of the rescue man as well as the helicopter crew. With the Lite Flite QRB the rescue man is always able to release himself in an emergency situation. If the rescue man get into problems, entangled on a wreckage or stuck between rocks in the mountains, the helicopter has a problem. In this situation the crew could be forced to cut the cable in order not to jeopardize the helicopter and the crew. If this happens for a helicopter equipped with a single hoist only, the helicopter is not able to get back to rescue the rescue man, and far the less the casualty. http://www.lite-flite.aero/index.php?skipintro
Nightsun® Spectrolab's flagship Searchlight model introduces new Infrared (IR) LED technology into a sleek aerodynamic package. The new IR LED Ring offers infrared illumination for use with Night Vision Goggles (NVG's). A ring of high power IR LED's offer wide or narrow focus modes while reducing power consumption by 79% and weight by 20% (compared to our original IFCO filter configuration). Visible white light remains intense with the use of the legacy 1600 Watt Xenon Arc Lamp. This combination of technologies provides the operator with the best airborne searchlight in both visible white light and invisible infrared operating environments. https://www.spectrolab.com/illumination.html
David Clark Company is dedicated to designing, engineering and manufacturing communication solutions for the most demanding environments and critical operations. In the air, on the ground, or on the water, David Clark has the capability of providing unsurpassed noise-attenuating headsets and communication systems for virtually any environment military forces may encounter. Our headsets ensure clear, crisp communication for military pilots, ground support crews, marine crews and more. These tested and proven products help to ensure the safety and enhance the performance of military, defense and law enforcement professionals. http://www.davidclarkcompany.com/