Container Mobilizer

CDK Mobile Systems has unmatched expertise to provide the best tactical and most cost effective solutions for handling, transport and aircraft loading of ISO Containers and military shelters. If your program involves lifting, leveling, loading, transport on roads, ship or aircraft, then CDK has the right solution mix for your requirement. Our specialty is in tailoring the […]

Headset Intercom System

David Clark Company is dedicated to designing, engineering and manufacturing communication solutions for the most demanding environments and critical operations. In the air, on the ground, or on the water, David Clark has the capability of providing unsurpassed noise-attenuating headsets and communication systems for virtually any environment military forces may encounter. Our headsets ensure clear, […]

Rescue Hoist Ground Support Equipment

RHGSE Zephyr has developed a patented method of maintaining the rescue hoist and its cable as required by the hoist OEMs without having to fly the helicopter, in a safe and efficient manner.   The Zephyr Rescue Hoist Ground Support Equipment (RHGSE) was introduced in 2005.  The RHGSE provides the capabilities of protecting, tensioning, cleaning, drying, and […]

Rescue Hoist

Helicopters carry out the most demanding missions in some of the most extreme operating environments; we understand this, and design our products as well as support systems to anticipate customer needs, enhance aircrew safety, and provide operational cost benefits. Our systems become a force multiplier for military and commercial operators alike. Advanced rescue hoists and […]

Sheet Metal Former

The ECKOLD KF 675 is the biggest of the servo motor-driven Kraftformer machines. The combination of sturdiness and strength with highly precise working features makes this machine indispensable for aircraft- or ship-building worldwide. However, rail car manufacturers or vintage car restorers appreciate the simple but effective operation as well. Special features of this machine are […]

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