Ground Support Equipment

Jet Air Start Unit

  Let’s get started! When turbines drive turbines! Rheinmetall manufactures Air Start Units for commercial and military purposes. The task to be performed is to start all main engines of today’s and tomorrows generation of aircraft up to the most demanding B777-300ER and A380. The MSU has proven its reliability since 1996. Main Technical Data* […]

Pushback Headset

Ramp communications at today’s busy airports can be difficult at best, with the engine noise from all types of service vehicles and the roar of jet engines making it difficult for ground crews to communicate with one another. David Clark Headset Communication systems enhance communications and provide hearing protection from ambient noise for ground personnel, […]


Standard Our standard tow-bars are available for aircraft towing and pushback operations of civil or military aircraft. We design our tow-bars in accordance with the requirements from aircraft manufacturers and the applicable norms and standards. Universal The universal tow-bars are specially designed to suit multiple aircraft types. The universal tow-bar is fully equipped with multi-purpose […]

Baggage and Cargo Tractors

Diesel Compact dimensions, maximum maneuverability, highest traction and a powerful drivetrain are the main features of the newly engineered modular baggage and cargo tow tractor family »SHERPA«. Customize your own baggage and cargo tow tractor fleet: With weights from 4 t to 8 t, three diesel engine options and three different cabin versions, the »SHERPA« D is […]

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